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Michelle Schoffro Cook

Best-selling Author of 25 Books, including the 3-Time Award-Winner Pain Erasers

The Art of Homesteading

Wuthering Heights Bursts into Bloom

Wuthering Heights the apple tree in full bloom

Photo Copyright Michelle Schoffro Cook. All rights reserved.

During the grey and lifeless winter months, the apple tree named Wuthering Heights, appears stark and windblown, almost lifeless. But after the weariness of the cold and ice, comes the spring, marked by a stunning array of pink and …

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Dandelion: The Overlooked Healer Underfoot (+ Dandelion Flower Lemonade Recipe)

dandelion flowers are powerful healers

Photo copyright 2024 Michelle Schoffro Cook. All rights reserved.

The dandelion is an herb in serious need of an image makeover. Cursed by many gardeners and those in quest of perfect lawns, dandelion is frequently viewed as a pest plant. If you walk past my home, you’ll know it from the dand…

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A Celebration of You

inspiration and finding self love by michelle schoffro cook

Choose to be authentically you. You do not need to ask permission of the world, or anyone in it, to be the most genuine version of you, or to express all of the greatness within you. Indeed, deferring to others’ opinions of your kindness, creativity, intelligence, attractiveness, or some other att…

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if you speak--a poem by michelle schoffro cook

About Michelle

Michelle Schoffro Cook--Award-Winning Author, Homesteader, Orchardist

Hi. I'm Michelle. You may know me as the best-selling & award-winning author of 25 books on food, health, and herbs but I'm also a homesteader and wild food forager. I practice what I preach and I'm happy to share my adventures and insights in my blog "The Art of Homesteading." 

If you like what you read, please consider purchasing my books/ebooks to help support me with my work. Thank you.

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