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Top 12 Foods that Fight Pain

A wide variety of rare apple varieties

The following article is an excerpt from my new book, PAIN ERASERS: The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Safe, Drug-Free Relief, available in most bookstores or online.

Some of the best healing remedies to overcome inflammation also taste great—I can’t say that about any prescription medications I’ve come across. Plus, foods won’t cause the nasty side effects common to most pain medications. You’ve already learned about foods like chilis, ginger, and turmeric when they are used in their concentrated medicinal forms earlier in this book, but they also warrant a reminder here because they are among the best foods to fight pain. You also learned about many better options than the infl…

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Super-Powered Immunity: The Forgotten Remedy

One of the most powerful things you can do to boost your immune system and aid its ability to fight off infectious intruders is also one of the least known. Many people have not even heard of the nutrient, glutathione, which is one of nature’s greatest treasures when it comes to fighting disease-causing microbes. Glutathione is an antioxidant nutrient that is produced in the cells of your body, primarily from three building blocks of proteins called amino acids, including cysteine, glutamine, and glycine

Even moderate changes in glutathione levels in the body have a profound effect on the functioning of immune system cells known as lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are the immune cells, know…

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Transform Your Health with the Master Antioxidant

For many years, I've searched for a product that encompassed the truly remarkable healing properties of the master antioxidant, glutathione, in an ABSORBABLE form. Intravenous forms work but are expensive and inconvenient for most people while only a tiny fraction of the glutathione in most supplements, in my opinion, is actually absorbed. But, after I came across these products: Neumi Skin and Neumi Swish, I just had to share them with my readers. It is a highly absorbable form of the glutathione that reduces free radical damage at the cellular level. Simply spray Neumi Skin on your skin and hold a capful of Neumi Swish in your mouth for at least a minute, but preferably longer to allow…

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Dr. Cook's Book Pain Erasers Wins Silver Nautilus Award

Woman's World Magazine Names PAIN ERASERS "Best New Book"

Pain Erasers Named Best New Book by Woman's World Magazine

Woman's World Magazine Names PAIN ERASERS I'm thrilled to share that the number one women's magazine in the world named my new book PAIN ERASERS: The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Safe, Drug-Free Relief "Best New Book." 

Here's what they had to say: "If you're like us, as you get older, all those once-little aches have become, well, a big pain. To the rescue: the new book by health expert Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD. In Pain Erasers, she offers easy, actionable tips for how to address chronic or acute back and neck pain, joint pain, headaches, tendonitis, whiplash, and more. With recipes for natural remedies and rich knowledge on how to use herbs, foods and oils, this guide will set you on a path to healing, so you can…

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A poppy from my garden in memory of those who sacrificed their lives to uphold goodness and decency against those who tried to justify the discrimination, segregation, and persecution of our fellow human beings.

In Flander's Fields John McCrae

Exciting New Book Launch Today--PAIN ERASERS

PAIN ERASERS: The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Safe, Drug-Free Relief

Overcoming Anorexia—My Personal Story

Michelle Schoffro Cook with her apple tree The Alchemist

I didn’t always have a passion for food and its ability to prevent or heal disease. When I was 13 I began suffering from anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder characterized by low body weight, a distorted body image, and an intense fear of gaining weight. Food, or the lack of it, was not the problem but a symptom of a much bigger issue: my almost non-existent self-worth.

While I was a straight-A student, good at sports, and heavily involved in extracurricular activities, no one saw the tortured person inside: the girl who struggled with becoming a woman, the person who could not achieve enough or meet the expectations of others around her, and the individual who hated her reflection …

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My Story of How PAIN ERASERS Came to Be

The Story of How Dr. Cook Came to Write PAIN ERASERS

I know pain. I know the aching, throbbing, arthritic kind. I’m familiar with the bruised and burning, torn muscles variety. I know the shooting, knifing, excruciating pain of migraines, nerve damage, and body injuries. Whatever pain’s expression, I’m familiar with its work. I suffered a severe car accident that left me with a partially-severed spinal cord. The emergency room physician told me I was this close to being quadriplegic. If that was not enough, I later experienced the unbearable agony of a broken back.

I felt constant and severe pain for many years. It nearly destroyed my life. My pain was so debilitating that I found it almost impossible to work, perform normal day-t…

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Discover these amazing products that heal at the cellular level, destroying harmful free radicals linked to aging.

My Discovery of a Lost Victorian-Era Orchard

Dr. Michelle with the Empress Apple Tree

Imagine buying a densely forested acreage, beginning to removed invasive trees and brush to create walking trails, only to discover a lost orchard of massive Victorian-era, heritage apple trees hidden among the more.

Discover these amazing products that heal at the cellular level, destroying harmful free radicals linked to aging.

Discover Ageless Beauty

Discover these amazing products that heal at the cellular level, destroying harmful free radicals linked to aging.

Help Save the Lost Orchard

Help Michelle save the historic apple trees in the Lost Orchard with your donation (any size helps!).

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Discover these amazing products that heal at the cellular level, destroying harmful free radicals linked to aging.