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My Homesteading Life--Adventures in Self Sufficiency

The Healing Flower Under Foot

Red clover photo copyright Michelle Schoffro Cook

Photo & text © Michelle Schoffro Cook

I admit that I’ve been feeling a bit lethargic lately but decided to go for a brisk walk on my forest trails to combat my lacklustre mood. The forest had begun to paint itself in cherry red, burnt orange, and golden hues, which was the perfect antidote for the weariness that had crept into my body. A hint of purple poked out from the grasses and shrubs along the edges of the trail, a reminder that summer was not completely gone. I reached down to pluck the red clover flowers that were more of a lilac colour than their name would suggest. It seemed like Nature was nudging me to add the floral remedy best known for its blood purification propertie…

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Listen to the Soft Voice of Your Heart

inspirational words

Cash and Cantaloupe

homegrown cantaloupe


When I visited my grandparents’ house each summer, my grandfather and I would undoubtedly find our way to the basement family room where he’d cut one of the many cantaloupes he grew in his garden into sections and we’d each take a plateful. We’d listen to his Johnny Cash albums while biting into the sweetest, most flavourful cantaloupe I ever tasted. The brilliant orange fruit bore no resemblance to the lacklustre, bland grocery store varieties I ate back in the city. We’d talk for hours while Johnny belted out tune after tune, and we’d usually polish off a few cantaloupes during each evening, so I was grateful he’d grown so many in anticipation of my visits.

My gr…

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Follow Your Passion

heritage apple tree Passion

At the end of a meandering trail through forest and scrub, I can’t help but smile when Passion comes into view, especially when this apple tree is blossoming. My breath deepens and slows. I didn’t even realize I was barely breathing until now. Instantly, I feel transported to another time with a pace of living that is more harmonious with my soul. Only several years ago, I bought this neglected house and property sight unseen and guided only by my soul’s knowing. I kept feeling that I would walk these woods and feel swept away by their magical nature. I had always dreamed of owning an apple orchard but worried it was out of reach. Today, I can’t help but feel the reward for trusting in my …

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I Discovered a New Apple Tree--Help Me Name It!

hidden apple tree

This mass of trees may look similar to an apple tree but it is actually a combination of an older buckthorn tree and many invasive prickly ash trees. In the middle of this mass, I discovered a thin tree that looked quite similar at the base to the buckthorn and at a higher level to the ash trees; however, I visually traced one of the tree’s higher limbs and noticed apple leaves on it. Somehow, this miraculous apple tree continued to grow strangled by the other trees. Today, I discovered this little apple tree buried in the entanglement as some of the neighbouring invasive trees were removed around a different apple tree known as Happiness. This much younger tree that still needs to be re…

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My New Book Launches Today!

New Book Super-Powered Immunity Launches Today

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my new book Super-Powered Immunity: Natural Remedies for 21st Century Viruses and Superbugs. In this unique book, you'll discover

  • Over 50 of the most powerful immune-boosting nutrients, phytonutrients, herbs, oils, mushrooms, and other foods that supercharge your immune system and fight nasty viruses, bacteria, and fungi that may be wreaking havoc on your health;
  • The critical mineral that unlocks Vitamin D's immune-boosting power (the vitamin isn't effective without it!);
  • The missing nutritional link that could save lives;
  • The pigment that stops microbes in their tracks;
  • The plant nutrient that packs a serious punch against bacteria, f…

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High Quality Supplements for a Fraction of the Price

High Quality Supplements For a Fraction of the Price

Super-Powered Immunity: The Forgotten Remedy

One of the most powerful things you can do to boost your immune system and aid its ability to fight off infectious intruders is also one of the least known. Many people have not even heard of the nutrient, glutathione, which is one of nature’s greatest treasures when it comes to fighting disease-causing microbes. Glutathione is an antioxidant nutrient that is produced in the cells of your body, primarily from three building blocks of proteins called amino acids, including cysteine, glutamine, and glycine

Even moderate changes in glutathione levels in the body have a profound effect on the functioning of immune system cells known as lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are the immune cells, know…

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Top 10 Spring Superfoods

Microgreens are Powerful Healing Superfoods

Spring is finally here and along with it starts the cascade of vibrant superfoods.  Obviously, some take a little longer than others to rear their heads in our gardens or farmer’s markets, but here are my picks for the top 10 spring superfoods:

Artichokes—A medium-sized artichoke is loaded with fiber (about 10 grams) and vitamin C. It also contains plentiful amounts of the heart- and muscle-health minerals magnesium and potassium.  It’s also high on the ORAC list of foods that have high antioxidant values.  High amounts of antioxidants translate into reduced free radicals linked to aging and disease. 

Asparagus—An excellent source of nutrients like vitamin K which is necessary …

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i told my heart to stop

i told my heart to stop--a poem by michelle schoffro cook

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Discover these amazing products that heal at the cellular level, destroying harmful free radicals linked to aging.

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Discover these amazing products that heal at the cellular level, destroying harmful free radicals linked to aging.

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