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My New Book Launches Today!

New Book Super-Powered Immunity Launches Today

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my new book Super-Powered Immunity: Natural Remedies for 21st Century Viruses and Superbugs. In this unique book, you'll discover

  • Over 50 of the most powerful immune-boosting nutrients, phytonutrients, herbs, oils, mushrooms, and other foods that supercharge your immune system and fight nasty viruses, bacteria, and fungi that may be wreaking havoc on your health;
  • The critical mineral that unlocks Vitamin D's immune-boosting power (the vitamin isn't effective without it!);
  • The missing nutritional link that could save lives;
  • The pigment that stops microbes in their tracks;
  • The plant nutrient that packs a serious punch against bacteria, fungi, and viruses alike;
  • The most overlooked and misused vitamin and how to use it correctly to transform your health; and
  • Much more.

Get your copy of Super-Powered Immunity today!



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