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A Celebration of You

inspiration and finding self love by michelle schoffro cook

Choose to be authentically you. You do not need to ask permission of the world, or anyone in it, to be the most genuine version of you, or to express all of the greatness within you. Indeed, deferring to others’ opinions of your kindness, creativity, intelligence, attractiveness, or some other attribute, or of you as a person, will only dull your shine. You do not need external validation for all that is already great within you. There is nothing you must do, change, or achieve to be worthy of respect, acceptance, or love.

In the same way, do not allow yourself to be defined by metrics. You are not an IQ, a weight, a height, an age, or an attractiveness number on an arbitrary gradation. You are not simply a collection of body parts, measurements, or mere physical features. Do not allow society’s reductionist views or the limiting eyes of those who pass through your life or momentarily catch your vision on a screen, in an ad, or as part of some equally meaningless encounter, to define your value or restrain the expansiveness that is you. After all, you would not determine the merit of a gift by its wrapping.

You are neither less nor more than another. Subjugating yourself to, or dominating another are unnecessary affronts to your unique spirit. There is only one you, making you the world’s rarest treasure, an exclusive and inimitable creation undeserving of judgement by comparison to another of the world’s distinctive treasures.

Additionally, your views, perspectives, thoughts, and feelings are worthy of respect, including your own, regardless how anyone else perceives them. No matter your physical, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual proportions, stand proudly in them. You were not born to fit in. You were not created to be one more in a vast collection of sameness. Do not play small or reduce yourself to suit anyone. You were fashioned from the same elements that form the stars and contain an equally brilliant luminescence worthy of expression. Let the intense light that is you shine its radiance into the cosmos.


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