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Pain Relief at the Speed of Light

Photizo Pain Relief uses light therapy to provide pain relief.

Have you ever sat in the sunlight while suffering from some aches and pains only to notice soon afterward that your pain had diminished or subsided? That’s the power of phototherapy (light therapy) at work. Having studied phototherapy, I was familiar with its healing powers so I fully expected the Photizo Pain Relief device that incorporates both red and infrared light to be helpful, but didn’t expect it to work so quickly and effectively. In only several minutes and a few short 41 second treatments, I experienced a significant reduction in pain, inflammation, swelling, and had improved circulation and mobility in my hands.

Having written twenty-four books and over two thousand articles, it’s an understatement to say that I’ve subjected the nerves in my wrists to repetitive strain. So, it will probably come as no surprise that I have carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition involving pressure on the medial nerve that runs the length of the arm through a small tunnel (hence the name) in the wrist. Since this nerve controls all the feeling and movement in the hands, except the smallest finger, pressure on this nerve can result in numbness, tingling, weakness, pain, and hands and arms that go “dead” at night or while performing daily tasks.

Using some great natural medicines, I can effectively manage the condition, enabling me to continue to do the many things I love, including writing books and blogs. (I’ll share which ones I use in my new book Pain Erasers: The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Safe, Drug-Free Relief, which launches in September, as well as an upcoming blog—stay posted!). But, after an intense day of writing several thousand words on a book or overdoing some chores in my orchard (learn more about my discovery of the Victorian-era Lost Orchard), the pain and dead feeling in my wrists and hands can intensify.

I decided to give the Photizo a try and I was beyond impressed with the results! Photizo Pain Relief is a hand-held, rechargeable device that delivers red and infrared light at specific healing wavelengths and frequencies to activate the body’s own pain control and relaxation systems. I simply held the device against my wrists and pressed a button, administered some forty-one second treatments on each hand (two on the wrist, one on each palm, and one over the fingers on each hand) and in only a few minutes, I was shocked at how much relief I felt. I expected it to take multiple days of treatments to yield any noticeable improvement. Thrilled to be wrong, I experienced almost immediate and significant pain relief.  

I’ve been using the Photizo Pain Relief device almost daily and have decided to try it on other injuries I’ve experienced from a car accident, all with excellent results. According to the distributor, Photizo stimulates healing, relieves pain, calms muscle spasms, and increases circulation for healing and clearing of the waste products linked to inflammation and injury. While I can’t confirm all of these claims, I can tell you that the reduction in pain, inflammation, swelling, and improved circulation and mobility I experienced astounded me.

Considering the opioid epidemic we’re facing around the world as more people rely on harsh drugs with sometimes deadly side-effects, I felt more people needed to know about this affordable and impressive device. Learn more about the Photizo Pain Relief device here.

Enjoyed this blog? There’s lots more great information about using foods as medicine in my e-book Food Fix: The Most Powerful Healing Foods and How to Use Them to Overcome Disease and the companion e-book Food Fix Recipes. Learn more about great natural ways to overcome pain in my upcoming book, Pain Erasers: The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Safe, Drug-Free Relief. If you found this information helpful, consider buying me a coffee. When you make a purchase using the affiliate links on my site, I earn a small commission that allows me to keep making valuable natural health information free for everyone. All text and images are copyright Michelle Schoffro Cook.

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