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New E-BOOK: FOOD FIX: The Most Powerful Healing Foods and How to Use Them to Overcome Disease

Food Fix: The Most Powerful Healing Foods and How to Use Them to Overcome DiseaseWhenever someone tells me that they looked up their health problem on the internet, I cringe. That’s because I know from experience that the internet is full of more junk and ridiculous claims than actual fact. Instead, I prefer to showcase the research to dispel the myths from facts. The reality is that most plant-based foods are even more powerful than the claims made about them.

You wouldn’t trust your plumber to build the bridge in your community so don’t trust people with absolutely no background in nutrition to advise you on healthy eating. Sadly, that includes most medical doctors, the bulk of whom have absolutely no training in nutrition. Those who do usually have taken only a single course with a curriculum that dates back twenty or more years.

As a long-time holistic and clinical nutritionist who specializes in nutritional medicine (that’s the use of food as medicine, rather than just on weight loss or the food pyramid), I believe, as I’m sure you will too after reading Food Fix, that food truly is the best medicine. It is as powerful or more powerful than most pharmaceutical drugs. Having said that, you should never discontinue your medication without your doctor’s approval.

But, if you are looking to get amazing healing results, look no further than your dinner plate. Every food or beverage you put into your body either heals or harms your body. Each food you eat is broken down into the foundational units that your body can use to build healthy cells, tissues, bones, glands, organs, and organ systems. If you’re unhealthy, it is likely that you haven’t been feeding your body what it needs to build healthy cells. Without healthy cells, your body begins to break down. You feel exhausted, your joints or muscles ache, your organs malfunction, and you are barely able to get through each day.

That’s why I wrote Food Fix: The Most Powerful Healing Foods and How to Use Them to Overcome Disease—to help you discover the facts from the myth, and learn how to use food to transform your health. You’ll know that you’re getting research-based information from a nutritional medicine veteran and renowned natural health expert with over 25 years experience.

Food Fix is divided into two parts: “The Foods” and “The Fix.” In “The Foods” you’ll get an introduction to over 30 of the best superfoods that are readily available healers and the research to support their use. I encourage you to discover these common foods in a new light, exploring the impressive curative properties of these often-overlooked, humble superfoods.

In “The Fix” you’ll discover even more about the many healing properties of these foods. This section is divided into three parts: “The Conditions,” “The Bodily Systems,” and “The Dietary Fixes.” Under conditions, you’ll find many common conditions and which foods to eat for each one. Under “Bodily Systems” you’ll learn how to support various aspects of your body (like your eyes, as one example). Under “The Dietary Fixes” you’ll learn about some dietary fundamentals, like plant-based sources of protein, for example.

Keep reading to discover how you can transform your health with the many miracle healing foods presented in Food Fix: The Most Powerful Healing Foods and How to Use Them to Overcome Disease.

You’ll discover:

The fruit that reduces high blood pressure within ONE HOUR of eating it.

The food that cuts your risk of breast cancer by a whopping 67%.

The exclusive food that contains a unique and powerful compound that causes leukemia cells to die.

The vegetable that significantly improved male sexual health while also balancing male hormones and improving prostate health.

The food that boosts exercise and athletic performance by boosting muscle oxygenation.

Much, MUCH more…

Food Fix: The Most Powerful Healing Foods and How to Use Them to Overcome DiseaseDr. Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, DNM, RNCP, ROHP, is an international best-selling & 21-time published book author, and a celebrity nutritionist. Check out her latest e-book: FOOD FIX: The Most Powerful Healing Foods and How to Use Them to Overcome Disease, available now for immediate download. Her work has been featured in Woman's World, First for Women, Huffington Post, Reader's Digest, WebMD,, and Thrive Global. Learn more about her work at    


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