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It’s time to follow the lead of Hawaiians who are working  to evict  Monsanto from their land…and for good reason.  Monsanto and other corporations have been leasing land from schools for experimentation with genetically-modified seed and pesticides.  The organization Hawaii GMO Justice has initiated a campaign to tell Kamehameha schools--one of the landowners that is leasing land to Monsanto—to evict Monsanto.  They are selling bumper stickers and hats to raise money to tackle this important issue in Hawaii.  The Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition shared this compelling video:

I urge you to watch this important video.  It presents shocking news about the hijacking of fertile farmland by Monsanto, BASF, Dow, DuPont, Syngenta, and other GMO seed and pesticide companies for widescale experimentation of genetically-modified organisms and pesticides. 

The video also explains how the University of Hawaii in conjunction with the Department of Army conducted experiments to test the defoliation effects of well-known carcinogen Agent Orange on the jungles of Kauai during 1967-68.  And which company created the horrible toxin used in Vietnam and for testing in Kauai?  You guessed it:  Monsanto!  Anyone who has read my books has likely read the foreword by natural health pioneer and author of Fit for Life, Harvey Diamond, who shares how American soldiers were gassed by the American government with Agent Orange…with disastrous consequences.  The tragic abuse of American citizens has continued in Hawaii.

The video by Hawaii GMO Justice shares the story of Anthony Palazzolo, a former organic farmer in Hawaii, who had to give up his livelihood because the soil and water was so toxic that he became ill from eating the organic produce he was growing.  He explains that his farmland was surrounded by land used for experimentation by the companies mentioned above. 

University of Hawai’i professor Dr. Hector Valenzuela, Vegetable Crop Specialist, cites 28 different pesticides as a partial list of the pesticides used in Hawaii.  The list includes:  atrazine, Roundup, dimethoate, and permethrin.   

On March 2, 2010, The Washington Post shared the news that the atrazine—one of the most widely used pesticides—is turning male frogs female.  It continued to indicate that the frogs were not alone.  A growing body of scientific evidence is showing that it is having the same effects on birds, rats, and fish.  Atrazine has since been shown to harm humans as well.  And, that’s just one of the pesticides in widespread use on Hawaii and elsewhere.

Dr. Valenzuela adds that these pesticides don’t just act alone.  They combine to form different toxins for which we have almost no knowledge of the long-term and combined effects on human health and on the environment.

Janet Raloff at Science News reported that some of the chemicals have genetic effects that even affect the offspring of rats exposed to the chemicals. 

Additionally, in the same way that bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, insects are becoming resistant to the pesticides used to kill them.  Valenzuela says that the pesticides only work for a few years but the toxic legacy will last forever.

It’s time to take action.  Join Hawaii.  Evict Monsanto from your land, your household, your community, and your body.  Here are some ways you can do that:

-Support the Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition in their important work to stop GMO farming and experimentation by donating.

-Get informed and stop eating the main GMO crops.  See my article on the Top 6 Frankenfoods for more information. 

- Don’t fund the destruction of Mother Earth, its creatures, and humans.  I keep reading the advice of financial advisors mentioned in various newspapers to “invest in Monsanto stock” as it has been growing.  If you have a conscience I urge you to become informed before investing any of your money in Monsanto stock and to find out where your mutual funds are invested too. 

-Write to your government representatives telling them to stop the funding and participation in genetic engineering of our food supply.

-Support organic farmers by purchasing organic as much as possible.

-Grow as much food of your own food from organic and heirloom seed as you can. 

-Even if you don’t have land you can grow your own sprouts.  I’ll discuss more about this next week.

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